Burky, who has decided to vote for Obama

Burky, who has decided to vote for Obama rayban sunglasses sale, says, in her words, "He understands women." Both Obama and his Republican challenger oakley vs ray ban, Mitt Romney, see women — specifically suburbanites from their 30s to their 50s — as critical to victory in Colorado as well as in other hard-fought places like Virginia and Nevada. The state of the campaign in the sprawling cheap ray ban sunglasses Denver region illustrates how the fight is playing out across the nation, and how the candidates are seeking to woo these female voters in different ways. Romney is decrying Obama's handling of the sluggish economy. Obama warns women could lose abortion rights with a Republican president. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved ray ban sunglasses cheap. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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The news crew had been documenting the aftermath

A day after a landslide caused devastation oakley asian fit in Johnsons Landing, British Columbia, a Global News crew managed to capture real-time footage of another landslide sweeping through the area. The news crew had been documenting the aftermath in Johnsons Landing on Friday shortly before a second landslide knocked down trees and wiped everything else in its path, Global News reports. In the video, journalist Francis Silvaggio explained he and his coworkers, who were on a boat, had just escaped disaster. "Five minutes ago we were there Oakley pro M frame sunglass 200 for men and women PHJGH797," he says to the camera. "We would've been wiped out. Five minutes ago." Four people -- a family of three and a 64-year-old German retiree -- are still unaccounted for after Thursday's landslide swept through the small British Columbia community, the Vancouver Sun reports. Rescue efforts have been difficult because of rain and debris in the area. Officials said the father and his two daughters could still be alive if they had descended into their basement. The retiree's home is still covered completely by debris, the paper reports. "My daughter said that they were going to be sitting down to breakfast and that my ex-husband was cooking breakfast. They got off the phone and there was an avalanche," Lynn Migdal told the National Post, referencing a conversation one of her daughters had with a friend. A concerned resident warned neighbors about oakley sunglasses online discount oakley-164 conditions near a local creek shortly before the landslide occurred. According to the Canadian Press, the woman reported '"surges of chocolate-coloured water that came down Gar Creek' each bringing down a significant number of logs and debris and causing a jam." One of the recipients passed along the email to a research ray ban sunglasses 2012 hydrologist at the Forests Ministry, who didn't open it until it was too late, the report states. Another landslide -- the one captured by the Global News crew -- forced debris down a mountain and into Kootenay Lake on Friday, July 13, the Nelson Star reports. Officials had warned onlookers to stay away from the landslide area earlier that afternoon. http://www.sunglassesshop-buy.com/


He compared it to a squall line

"Derecho" is the term for the fast ray ban glasses, furious storm that ravished the state over the weekend and left a path of devastation in its wake. Local weather experts are as fascinated by the phenomenon as you might be - if you've had a chance to stop and think about what happened Friday night when the raging storm hit. "A derecho moves very fast," said Nick Webb, meteorologist with the National Weather Service. "It is widespread with long-lived windstorms." He compared it to a squall line, a series of severe storms and winds common in the spring. "Think of it as a squall line on steroids buy cheap oakley sunglasses," he said. A derecho "can cover a good chunk of territory in a short amount of time." "Derecho" is a Spanish word that may be defined as straight. A simplified explanation is that a line of thunderstorms forms and produces cold air that meets dry air, such as the area had on Friday. This causes the line to move faster and faster as it "feeds on itself," Webb said. The one that hit the area began in northern Indiana about 2 p.m. Friday and raced through Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia before exiting the coast cosmetic wholesale, he said. "It covered 1,000 miles with straight line winds moving 60 to 70 mph or more," he said. "Wind gusts at Yeager (Airport) were 77 mph." Predicting a derecho is tricky. "Often it forms within 12 hours and really picks up speed," Webb said. "In general, giving more than 24 hours notice is very, very difficult discount mac. It's on you before you know it. We had warnings out ahead of time once we knew what it was doing in Ohio."